Takagi Water Heater Dip Switch Settings: A Complete Guide

Most of my previous articles related to Takagi tankless water heaters were created for both beginners and experts. But this time I’ve come up with a different article especially written for the experts. It’s about the Takagi water heater dip switch settings (Tankless). For gas type selection the Number. 1 … Read More

Takagi Water Heater Not Igniting [How To Fix]

takagi water heater not igniting

Winter morning, you are all ready for a hot shower and suddenly find your Takagi water heater not igniting. Takagi is a reliable brand but still, issues with the Takagi heater like not turning on or not igniting are very common. So, what are the possible causes of your Takagi … Read More

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Code 111/ 121 or Ignition Failure

takagi tankless water heater code 111

All water heaters are bound to show some tantrums from time to time no matter how good the brand is. In this case, the good thing about Takagi tankless water heaters is, they show error codes that indicate what problem they are having.  So, Takagi tankless water heater code 111 … Read More

Adjust Takagi Tankless Water Heater Temperature: 2 Ways

adjust takagi tankless water heater temperature

Are you a Takagi tankless water heater user looking to adjust the water temperature to your preference? Good news for you then! Whether you like your showers super hot or prefer a milder, energy-saving temperature you can get it by being a Takagi tankless water heater user.  You got it … Read More

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Error Codes [A Complete Guide]

takagi tankless water heater error codes

It’s convenient when instead of concerning yourself with what is wrong with your heater you get a code for specific problems. But it is also confusing to remember which code refers to which problem.  So, what are the Takagi tankless water heater error codes? There are multiple error codes for … Read More

Takagi Tankless Water Heater No Hot Water [How To Fixe]

takagi tankless water heater no hot water

What if you’re ready for a nice, warm shower, but when you turn on the tap, there’s no hot water from your Takagi tankless water heater? It’s not a pleasant surprise! But don’t worry, I’ve already dealt with some similar problems and here I am to help you figure out … Read More

Takagi Tankless Water Heater Not Turning On [How To Fix]

takagi tankless water heater not turning on

Imagine a busy evening, dinner preparations underway, and you’re looking forward to a nice, warm bath. But then, your Takagi tankless water heater decides it’s time for a break.  How frustrating! Now your only concern is why isn’t your Takagi tankless water heater not turning on. There can be several … Read More

Atmor Tankless Water Heater Not Heating [How To Fixed]

atmor tankless water heater not heating

Experiencing a lack of hot water from your water heater all of a sudden can be quite frustrating. But it’s a really common occurrence. The fixes to this problem are usually simple as well.  So, why is the Atmor tankless water heater not heating?  The Atmor tankless water heater can … Read More

Atmor Water Heater Reset Button [Location and Usage]

atmor water heater reset button

Resetting the heater is one of the most basic repairing steps in most heaters and it’s one of the easiest jobs as well. But if you are not sure about the reset button location, this job can make your day complicated.  So, where is the Atmor water heater reset button, … Read More