How To Reset Camplux Water Heater [Electric And Gas Types]

You’re noticing your Camplux tankless water heater is tripping frequently these days. The water heater should reset automatically but it’s not. 

So, you wonder, how to reset Camplux water heater?

To reset Camplux electric water heater, pull out the front panel cover. Locate the high-limit reset switch and depress it. If you have a gas Camplux water heater, close the hot water fixtures & turn off the appliance. Wait 10 seconds, and turn it on again.

For more step-by-step guidelines, read the article till the end.  

how to reset camplux water heater

Where Is the Reset Button In Camplux Water Heater?

The reset button is inside the Camplux tankless water heater near the heating element. You have to open the cover plate and remove the insulation layer to locate the reset button.

Here’s what the Electric Camplux Water Heater’s high-limit reset button looks like.

electric camplux water heater’s high-limit reset button

With the help of this high-limit reset button, you can reset the water heater. But the resetting process is different for both electric and gas Camplux water heater models because of the internal structure.

Complex electric water heaters have an in-built reset button. But the gas water heater doesn’t have any reset switch. 

Why Should You Reset Your Camplux Water Heater?

Now, you shouldn’t reset your Camplux tankless water heater because you feel like doing it. You should only reset your water heater manually whenever there’s a problem with the reset button.

So, how do you understand that? By noticing malfunctions in your water heater. Keep reading the segments below to understand when to reset your Camplux water heater.

i) Tripped Reset Button

Sometimes, thermostat sensitivity issues can result in your water getting too hot. When the temperatures exceed 140°F(60°C), the reset button will automatically trip. If it doesn’t shut off the power, you need to reset it yourself.  

ii) Power Outage

Another key moment to do a reset is when there have been power outages. If the reset button doesn’t activate during an electrical storm, you have to reset the water heater. In this case, the reset button acts as a safety switch in the Camplux tankless water heater.

iii) Power Failure

Again, there can be issues like your Camplux water heater isn’t staying lit or not turning on. In that case, the reset switch can get tripped. As a solution, you have to reset your water heater manually. 

iv) Internal Malfunctions

Finally, when there are malfunctions occurring in your water heater, you’ll notice error codes showing up. Some of the problems like – the indicator light being off, and the water doesn’t get cold enough – the troubleshooting requires a reset.

v) Device Safety 

This water heater can only tolerate up to 120V power. When the water heater receives more than 120V, this safety button becomes automatically activated.  It immediately interrupts the power supply. 

When you push the reset button on your Camplux water heater, it shuts off the water heater. The temperature can’t rise and power shuts off. So, the water heater doesn’t get destroyed.  

Now, for gas Camplux tankless water heaters, the scenario is a bit different. In this case, you should reset the water heater to solve any troubleshooting issues. 

So, you understand resetting the Camplux tankless water heater is an automatic process if it’s electric. But for gas water heaters, you need to reset it manually.

However, sometimes the emergency limit switch or reset switch can trip in electric water heaters. You’ll find out when the electric Camplux water heater isn’t cutting off the power voltage. In this case, you have to manually activate the reset button in the water heater. 

How To Reset Camplux Water Heater [Resetting Electric Water Heater]

Resetting an electric Camplux tankless water heater isn’t too tricky. Here’s a step-by-step guideline on how you can do it. 

how to reset camplux electric water heater

Step 1:

First, you have to disconnect the water heater from the electricity source. This is a safety measure to make sure no accidents happen when you reset the heater. 

If your heater is connected to a breaker box, then turn off the switch in the breaker box. Once disconnected, wait a few minutes for any residual electricity to discharge and let the unit fully power down.

Step 2:

After safely turning off all electrical supplies, drain the water heater completely.

Here’s how you can drain water from the Camplux tankless water heater.

  • First, you have to cut off the power supply to the water heater.
  • Then, turn on the hot water faucet and let it run until the water is cold.
  • Next, disconnect the cold water supply from the Camplux tankless water heater.
  • After that, you need to turn off the hot water faucet as well.
  • Closing both cold and hot water faucets, and disconnect the connections for both of them.
  • Then, siphon out the rest of the water if you can.
  • After that remove the water heater carefully from the wall. You can use a screwdriver to perform this operation.
  • Finally, tilt the water heater sideways so that the remaining water rolls out of the water heater.    

Step 3:

In the next step, you have to remove the cover plate from the water heater. There are 6 screws in the panel. Take a screwdriver and unscrew them slowly. Make sure that you are using an insulated screwdriver.

remove the cover plate from the camplux water heater

Step 4:

By removing the cover plate, you will see an insulation layer. Remove this insulation layer gently. Make sure you don’t damage them by accident since they’re very delicate.

Step 5:

Once the insulation is completely removed, look out for the Camplux tankless water heater reset button. It will have the word “reset” labeled. 

To locate the high-limit reset button, you should check the front and the sides. After locating the button, press it. Wait at least 10 seconds. This will help in activating the switch again. 

Step 6:

Finally, put the water heater back in its place. Screw the bolts on the side of the water heater with a screwdriver. Plug in the water heater power cord to the electrical outlet. 

If you see the water heater’s light goes green from red, this means you have successfully reset your Camplux tankless water heater.

In case you own a gas Camplux water heater, you should check out the following segment.

How To Reset A Gas Camplux Water Heater?

To reset a gas Camplux water heater, you have to notice if there are any error codes showing up on the screen.

how to reset camplux gas water heater

Basically, resetting a gas Camplux tankless water heater means clearing the error codes. For this, you need to follow the 3 simple steps below.

Step 1: First, you need to turn off the hot water outlet. Simply, close the water heater’s hot water faucet. 

Step 2: Then, turn off the remote control’s switch as well. You have to wait at least 5 minutes in this case. 

Step 3: Finally, turn on the remote control switch and the hot water faucet again.

Check whether the error codes are still showing up. If the error codes still persist, you need to troubleshoot your Camplux tankless water heater. 

What Should You Do If The Reset Button Trips Continuously?

Sometimes, a manual reset can also not work. It happens when the reset button trips frequently. In this case, you have to identify the underlying causes of the reset button. 

Here’s a quick overview of the causes of reset button trips and what you should do to fix them.

Malfunctioning Reset SwitchClean the rust if the corrosion is little. Change the thermostat. Replace the water heater if the water heater is more than 10 years old. 
Faulty ThermostatChange the thermostat to a new one.
Moisture and RustClean the rust if the corrosion is little. Change the thermostat. Replace the water heater if the water heater is more than 10 years old. 
Heating Element Grounding ProblemFix the grounding issue with the help of a professional.

Check out the segments below to learn about the causes and solutions in detail.

01. Non-functional Reset Switch: 

The first reason for a malfunctioning reset button is a faulty button. There could be loose wiring inside one of the components of the circuit. The internal circuitry of the control panel can also fail to work. 

02. Problematic Thermostat:

Again, the reset switch can keep tripping on its own, even after you manually put it back. This is the result of a faulty thermostat and is activated by a high-limit switch. 

03. Internal Rust and Corrosion:

Sometimes the thermostat or the control panel gets corroded due to moisture in the water heater. As a result, the internal parts and wiring build rust. This becomes a safety issue for the water heater. 

04. Grounding Problem

In some cases, the heating element can be shorted to the ground. This happens when the earthing is correctly set up. It can trip the reset button and damage your water heater. 

How to Fix:

Before fixing the reset switch, you must take safety precautions. You’ll need a pair of insulated gloves to perform any operations. 

So, here’s how you can fix the issue if your water heater reset switch keeps tripping.

Step 1: Turn off the water heater from the main circuit board.

Step 2: Check for any loose or faulty wiring connected to the water heater reset switch. If you find any, tighten the loose wires with a splice kit.

Step 3: Then, check the thermostat. If it’s rusty, clean it with a household spray as much as you can. In case the rust is not cleanable, replace the thermostat and corroded parts.

Step 4: If the problem still remains, you should check the earthing attached to the heating elements. For faulty earthing, you should call a professional or contact the Camplux water heater help center to fix it. 

Step 5: Finally, place all the screws in the water heater and close all the panels. Turn on the water heater and check if the reset switch functions. 

Now, here’s a caution. If you don’t have much expertise in fixing water heater issues, you should seek expert guidance. Remember that operating a water heater without any expertise can be dangerous and risky. 


Does Your Camplux Water Heater Have to be Reset Daily?

No, you don’t have to reset your Camplux tankless water heater daily. You only have to reset it if the reset switch isn’t working. Sometimes the water heater can have malfunctioning components or power surges. You have to reset the water heater then. 

Why Can’t You Push the Reset Button on Camplux Water Heater?

Sometimes you can’t push the reset button on Camplux tankless water heaters due to a faulty thermostat. There could be a loose wiring problem or the heating element is defective. It trips the Camplux water heater’s reset button and you can’t push it.  

How Long Does it Take to Heat the Water After a Reset?

It takes around 30-40 minutes to heat after a reset for gas water heaters. The duration is around 60-90 minutes for electric water heaters. But you must wait for at least 10 seconds before turning on the water heater again. 

Final Words

So, finally, now you know how to reset the Camplux water heater. Before ending this article, here’s a piece of advice. Never tamper with the reset button to override overheating shutdown. 

You should also set the temperature at the lowest setting after starting the water heater again. It’ll save energy for your water heater and reduce the risk of scalding.

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