Camplux Water Heater Error Codes: A Full Troubleshooting Guide]

Beep. Beep. Beep. Your Camplux water heater is showing an error code again. You’re tired of looking up each error code on the internet and fixing it. 

Well, there’s good news for you! This article will provide you with all the Camplux water heater error codes and the fixes altogether.

Whenever you notice Camplux water heater error codes, you have to reset the water heater. Turn off the appliance and wait for 5 seconds. After restarting the water heater, the error code should be gone. 

In case the error code still stays, you’ll have to take separate measures according to the problem. Keep reading the article below to find out how to solve each type of error code. 

Camplux Water Heater Error Codes: Reasons And Solutions

When there’s any internal problem with the Camplux tankless water heater, it shows error codes on the display screen. 

camplux water heater error codes

How To Clear Camplux Hot Water Heater Error Codes?

In most cases, resetting the Camplux tankless water heater can solve error code problems. So, whenever you hear a beep sound coming from your water heater, you should check the display. 

As soon as you notice any error code on the screen, you have to perform the following instructions. Here’s how to reset the Camplux water heater.

Simply, turn off the hot water faucets on the water heater. Then, turn off the appliance from the remote control. Wait for 5 minutes and then turn on the hot water faucets again. Next, power up the water heater again. You may need to repeat the process 3-4 times and the water heater will be reset. 

However, this process is for most of the Camplux tankless water heaters except for the RV models. Here’s how to reset the appliance for RV Camplux tankless water heaters.  

  • First, you have to turn off the water heater. You need to switch the water heater to the OFF position.
  • Then, open the shower and water valve. Wait for 5 seconds in this manner.
  • Now, turn on your water heater.
  • Finally, you should get back to using the water heater like you usually do. 

However, the water heater can still show error codes. If this is the case, this means your water heater has internal problems. You need to find the reasons and fix it immediately.

Note that the error codes differ in the RV Camplux tankless water heater and Camplux tankless gas water heater models. So, you must know what the error codes mean for each type of appliance.  

Camplux RV Tankless Gas Water Heater Error Codes

Here is why your Camplux Tankless RV Gas Water Heater shows error codes with easy fixes. 

Error CodeCode Meaning Possible ReasonsSolutions 
E0Problem with the water outlet temperature sensor. Internal damages failed the temperature sensor.# Inspect the water outlet temperature wire connections.
# Replace the sensor if it’s faulty. 
E1The water heater can’t sense flames.# Low amount of fuel supply.
# Inadequate gas inlet pressure.
# Defective flame sensor
# Open all the gas valves.
# Restart the water heater 4 to 5 times. 
# Keep the fuel tank full.
# Replace the regulator if it has a faulty flame sensor.
E2Flame senses not detecting the correct signals.# Faulty flame sensors.
# System failure.
# Inspect the PCB control board.
# Install a new control board if it’s faulty. 
E3The temperature sensor can’t detect excessive temperature rise.Defective thermostat system. The water inlet temperature sensor isn’t working. 
E4Water inlet temperature sensor isn’t working. Defective temperature sensor or system.# Secure the wire connections.
# Change the broken temperature sensor.
E5Not enough air pressure inside the system.# Blocked exhaust system.
# High wind malfunctions.
# Broken switch or fan.
# Clean the exhaust thoroughly.
# Change the direction of the water heater vent.
# Replace the broken switch and fan. 
E6Temperature rise signals# Increased cold water levels.
# Incorrect cold water mix ratio.
# Not enough water supply and flow.
# Faulty temperature sensor and system fault. 
# Minimize the amount of cold water toilet flush and faucet drainage.
# Reduce the cold-water mix ratio.
# Open all the valves for full water supply and adequate flow.
# Change the PCB control board. 
E7Erroneous solenoid valve# Loose solenoid wires.
# Signs of crack or damage.
Secure the connections and replace the broken parts. 

Error Code E0: Faulty Water Temperature Sensor 

Error Code E0 means the water temperature sensor is having some trouble.  The temperature sensor warms up the water according to your desired temperature. It can stop working for a few reasons. For example, there can be a short circuit that can fry up the wires of the temperature sensor.

Again, if the junction part is loose, the sensor won’t be able to receive signals. Most importantly, if the temperature sensor has any cracks or signs of damage, it will not work at all. 

How To Fix:

To solve this problem, first, you need to check the wire connections and the internal components. 

Follow these steps to solve the E0 error code. 

Step 1: First, you have to shut down the water heater. Turn off the circuit breaker and set the water heater to the OFF position. 

Step 2: Then, check the wire connections to the sensor. If they’re loose, take a set of pliers and tighten them. This should fix the problem. 

But if the error code still shows up, you need to follow the next steps.

Step 3: Look for any cracks or damaging signs on the temperature sensor. If there are any, you have to replace the temperature sensor. 

Step 4: To replace the sensor, you need to remove the burner assembly manifold cover. 

Step 5: Then, slowly pull out the thermocouple bracket by adding pressure and twisting it. 

Step 6: Next, place the new thermocouple where the old thermocouple was. 

Step 7: In the final step, you have to reconnect all the wires tightly and restart the water heater. 

As soon as the temperature sensor gets fixed, you shouldn’t be seeing any E0 error code anymore. 

Error Code E1: Flame Senses Not Working 

Whenever you see an E1 error code, you’ll understand there’s something wrong with flame sensors. Your water heater is telling you it lost the capability to sense flames. 

This happens mainly for 3 reasons. First of all, there’s a shortage of fuel supply while starting the water heater. Again, low gas inlet pressure also disables the flame senses. If these reasons are not at fault, then you should check the flame sensor. 

How To Fix:

Before moving on to the damaged flame sensor, you have to ensure the appropriate amount of fuel supply and adequate gas inlet pressure. 

So, first, you have to ensure the fuel tank is full. Then, open all the gas valves and restart the water heater. See if the error code wipes off. Repeat the process 4-5 times so that the water heater receives enough fuel to start the operation.

Now, check the gas regulator pressure. If it’s below the allowable range, you should inspect the regulator for any defects. Note that the allowable range for the gas regulator is  (8.0″w.c(2.0kPa)-13.0″w.c.(3.2kPa) for propane gas.

In this case, it’s best to replace the regulator with a new one. Similarly, if the flame sensor induction is damaged or the PCB board is broken, you need to replace them as well.

Error Code E2: Fake Flame Senses Detected 

Apart from having a flame sense fault problem, your water heater can also provide false flame alarms. This type of issue is dictated by error code E2. 

It’s also a system failure where the flame sensor isn’t working. This happens when the PCB main control board fails to operate. Again, a faulty program can also lead to such an error.

How To Fix:

So, to mitigate this issue, you need to replace the PCB main control board. Make sure you connect all the wires firmly. The insulation should be intact and you must ensure the spark between the control board and the igniter.

Error Code E3: Temperature Sensor Failure 

Apart from detecting flames, the water heater can also have a temperature sensor malfunction. 

When the error code E3 shows up on the screen, this means the temperature mechanical sensor isn’t working properly. It can result in producing excessive hot water in your Camplux water heater

This type of issue occurs when the thermostat system is faulty, cracked, or broken.

How To Fix:

In case your Camplux tankless water heater is showing Error Code E3, you must follow the steps below. 

Step 1: First, you need to allow cold water to flow at 10 to 20 PSI. 

Step 2: After that, turn off the water heater, wait for a few seconds, and turn it back on. The error code should be gone by now. 

Step 3: If the error code still shows, you need to inspect the water pressure. Usually, the RV Camplux tankless water heater should have a water pressure between 35 to 70 PSI. So, you need to ensure the required water flow rate in this case.

Step 4: If the error code doesn’t go away, you need to inspect the thermostat. 

Step 5: Replace the thermostat with a new one in case the original thermostat is broken or faulty.  

Error Code E4: Water Inlet Temperature Sensor Fault 

The next error code, E4 indicates that there’s a problem with the water inlet temperature sensor. It monitors the incoming cold water turning to the output temperature. The thermal energy is converted over a large heat exchanger in the water heater.

So, when the sensors don’t work, there is a possibility of energy loss in the system. Moreover, the temperature can fluctuate as the sensors can’t control it.

How To Fix:

The solution to this problem is the same as the solution of error code E0. 

You have to ensure the temperature water outlet temperature sensor’s connections are all tight and secured. Replace the sensor if it’s completely defective or broken.

Error Code E5: Inadequate Air Pressure 

When you see an error code of E5 on your Camplux tankless water heater, you have to be aware of the air pressure. When the water heater can’t ventilate enough air, this error code shows up.

It’s a sign you check the exhaust system for any blockage. Sometimes high winds can blow the exhaust and make it faulty. Moreover, the switch or fan can cause trouble too.

How To Fix:

The best way to tackle this problem is by removing any obstructions in the exhaust. Clean the exhaust pipes if you see any dirt or sediment buildups. Then, restart the water heater to make it functional again.

If your water heater’s exhaust is facing toward the windy side, you need to relocate it. Simply, turn the exhaust side of the water heater away from the high wind. Then, just like before, restart the appliance and the problem should be solved.

Now, if the error code still persists, you need to inspect the air switch and fan properly. They can be cracked or broken. Replace the air switch or fan immediately if you find them defective.

Error Code E6: Temperature Rise Signal 

Having an E6 error code on the screen means there’s a temperature surge in the water heater. It can happen for 5 possible reasons. 

Firstly, using too much cold water can increase the temperature of the water heater. You should keep a balance between cold water and hot water to avoid temperature surges.

Again, if the cold water mix ratio isn’t appropriate, the water heater will signal a temperature rise. The cold water should be less than the hot water in the mixture. 

Generally, it’s 2:1 for hot and cold water mixed in portable water heaters. Practically, you have to add cold water until you have the desired temperature. 

So, when you keep the cold water faucets open for a long time, it disrupts the ratio. Therefore, your Camplux tankless water heater has a temperature surge due to excessive hot water. 

Insufficient water supply and flow rate can also be the culprit. Make sure to check the thermostat also. A system fault can lead to increased temperature problems that cause an E6 error code. 

How To Fix:

In order to solve the E6 error code in the Camplux water heater, you must rule out every reason. Check out the step-by-step inspection methods for solving this problem.

Step 1: First, you have to check if there’s a cold water surge in the water heater’s system. 

Make sure to reduce the amount of toilet flushes during operation. Don’t open all cold water faucets together to reduce the amount of cold water drainage.

Here’s an image of water drainage from Camplux Water Heater.

water drainage from camplux water heater

Step 2: Then, notice if the cold water mix ratio is appropriate. You can reduce the temperature setting so that the ratio adjusts properly. 

Sometimes there could be cold water leaks from the hot side in shower heads and outdoor faucet valves. Make sure to inspect these areas and fix leakage problems immediately.

Step 3: Next, it’s time to look into the water supply. You have to ensure the water tank is full, otherwise, the water heater will have temperature surges.

You can also keep the city water valve completely open to solve the insufficient water supply problem. Keep the hot and cold water line faucets open until all air purges out.

Step 4: Now, sometimes the water flow can get slow and it increases the temperature inside the system. You have to ensure the flow rate of faucets stays at least 0.32gpm for proper functionality.

If there’s insufficient water flow due to winterizing, you must drain some water. For this, you need to unscrew the water inlet filter and drain plug with your hand. You can also use a flatbed screwdriver. 

Then, clean the inlet filter and drain water from the appliance. As soon as the water heater has drained the water screws the drain plug again. Your water heater will go back to its normal flow rate. 

Step 5: Finally, if none of the methods work, this means the temperature sensor is faulty. In this case, you have to replace the outlet temperature or main PCB control board. 

It will definitely remove the E6 error code from the screen. 

Error Code E7: Faulty Solenoid Valve 

The E7 error code is all about fixing the solenoid valve. This error code pops on the screen when the solenoid has internal problems. 

The problem could be the solenoid valve has an open circuit or the valve has a short circuit issue. Having a system fault or broken solenoid can also be the culprit of this error code.

How To Fix:

So, fixing the solenoid valve issues will help to get rid of this error code. All you have to do is check the solenoid valve thoroughly. Make sure it’s closed while in operation.

If there’s a short circuit or damage, replace the valve with a new one. Don’t forget to secure all the wire connections to ensure smooth functionality. 

Well, that’s all about error code maintenance for RV Camplux water heaters. The residential gas Camplux tankless water heaters have similar error codes but the codes have different meanings. 

Check out the following segment to learn about the Camplux residential water heater’s error code guide. 

Camplux Residential Gas Water Heater Error Codes    

There are 8 error codes for residential Camplux water heaters like the RV ones. Here’s a quick glance at these codes, their meaning, reasons, and solutions on how to remove the codes. 

Error CodeCode Meaning Possible ReasonsSolutions
E0Power Issues# Low power voltage
# Defective motor
# Increase the voltage electricity.
# Tighten the connections.
# Replace faulty motor components. 
E1Flame Detection # Cracked gas regulator.
# Not enough air ventilation.
# Dirty burner.
# Blocked flue system.
# Change the gas regulator.
# Ensure proper ventilation.
# Clean the main burner thoroughly.
# Remove dirt and sediments from the flue system. 
E2Gas Valve FailureBlocked or broken gas valve.Replace the gas valve with a new one. 
E3Gas Line ProblemGas line damage and accidental flameouts.Fix the gas line.
E4Temperature Sensor ProblemLoose wiring or short circuit problem.Connect the wires tightly. Change the sensor if it’s faulty.
E5Water Heater Overheating# Problematic overheating controller.
# Dry combustion.
Fix the overheating controller. 
E6Air Flow Pressure Switch Protection# Low voltage power
# Faulty fan or motor.
Short circuit airflow pressure switch. 
E7Air Flow Pressure Short CircuitReplace the airflow pressure switch. Replace the air flow pressure switch. 

Do you want more explanation on the error codes and fixes? Follow the segments below to learn in detail. 

Error Code E0: Power Failure Protection 

This error code is an indicator that the power system has failed the water heater. Usually, the water control switch turns on when the circle is connected to the power. This is how the water heater starts functioning.

But the power system can fail due to low-voltage electricity. There can be motor problems that are preventing the water heater from starting. Hence, the error code shows up as a sign of power failure.

How To Fix:

If the E0 error code shows up, you have to turn off the water heater. Check the voltage power and controller switch. You must also ensure the motor is not damaged. 

In case you find any defects in the controller switch or motor, replace them with a new one. 

Error Code E1: Residual Fire Protection 

The second kind of error code is E1 which acts as a flame detector. When this error code is showing it means the controller can’t start for the flame. 

The Camplux water heater can shut off or produce excessive hot water due to producing a yellow flame.

It happens for 4 reasons. These causes are –

  • Broken gas regulator.
  • Insufficient air ventilation.
  • Clogged burner.
  • Blocked flue system.

How To Fix:

To solve this issue, you need to detect the flame as soon as you see the error code. Then, follow the steps below to get rid of the yellow flame. 

Step 1: Check the gas regulator. If it’s cracked, damaged, or broken, replace it immediately.

Step 2: Then, inspect the gas burner’s top. Clean any sediment buildup, dirt, and dust on the burner. 

Step 3: Next, allow proper ventilation by ensuring air circulation. 

Step 4: Remove any obstructions from the vent or flue pipes. Clean the pipes thoroughly. 

Step 5: Finally, turn on the switch controller and restart the water heater. 

You won’t see the error code anymore. 

Error Code E2: Valve Failure Protection 

Now the E2 error code pops up on the screen as a reminder that the gas valve has failed to function. Mostly, it happens when the gas valve gets blocked. The controller cannot operate. So, the water heater stops functioning. 

How To Fix:

You must figure out the issue with the gas valve in this case. Try to open the valve fully manually. Look for any signs of damage. 

If you see the valve is cracked or broken, you have to change the gas valve. Make sure to tighten the wire connections so that it can power up the controller. As a result, the error code E2 will be solved. 

Error Code E3: Problem With The Gas Line And Ignition Pulse 

Moving forward with error code E3 issue. This error code means that there’s an issue with the gas line. The ignition can be unsuccessful as you’ll see no ignition pulse. 

You may even see black smoke coming out of the water heater due to sediment buildup in the gas line.

Sometimes the water heater can be exposed to accidental flameouts. It can ignite the vapors and cause an explosion. This situation could lead to serious burns, injuries, or even death. 

The E3 error code helps in identifying such flameouts and protects the water heater. 

How To Fix:

If the gas line is damaged, you will notice a pungent smell of gas. This indicates there’s a gas leak and you have to shut off the main circuit board. 

Here’s what you’ll do next – 

Step 1: Turn off the water heater immediately.

Step 2: If you notice any open flame, use a fire extinguisher to put out the flame.

Step 3: Finally, evacuate the place immediately and call the fire department to take care of it.

Make sure to change the leaky gas lines with the help of professionals. Keep in mind, never store flammable products in the same room as your water heater. It’s because the water heater’s main burner flame can ignite any nearby flammable vapors and cause an explosion.

You must also keep the gas and water shut-off valves open completely. Moreover, tighten the junction pat for a secured connection. It’s best to keep the burner flame and flammable products at least 18” apart. 

Error Code E4: Temperature Sensor Error

Following the next error code, the E4 shows up when there’s an issue with the temperature sensor. It means the water heater’s temperature sensor can’t dictate the temperature of the water.

Now, it can happen when the wires connected become loose. If the sensor isn’t receiving the required power supply, it will not function. 

This is a severe problem especially if the water heater is producing scalding hot water. Without the temperature sensor working, you can get serious injuries. 

To prevent such accidents the water heater shows you the E4 error code so that you act on it immediately. 

How To Fix:

So, what you have to do is inspect the temperature sensor area carefully. Take a screwdriver and take out the outer cover of the water heater. Here’s what the inside of the Camplux Water Heater looks like.

take out the outer cover of the camplux tankless water heater

Then, on the top of the water heater, you’ll notice the temperature sensor. It has wires connected to it. Check for any signs of damage to the wire or the sensor. If the sensor is broken, you need to change it. 

Finally, secure all the connections and screw the cover back as it was. The temperature sensor will work fine from thereafter. 

Error Code E5: Overheating Protection

Sometimes your Camplux residential water heater can get overheated. This happens when the overheating controller stops working. The temperature gets high and it leads to water heater damage. 

It’s also a result of dry combustion. The water heater turns off automatically when the temperature goes beyond 191°F.

How To Fix:

The solution to this problem is maintaining the health of the controller. You should make sure the temperature controller doesn’t get overheated. 

You should also check if the controller has any crack marks or not. Fix the controller if it has any signs of damage. 

Error Code E6: Air Flow Pressure Switch Protection 

Error code E6 on Camplux occurs when the airflow pressure switch can’t operate properly. The reason behind this problem is mostly a broken fan. Sometimes having a faulty flow pipe can also cause this trouble.

You also have to be careful about the voltage supply in this case. Low voltage can lead the pressure switch to failure. Moreover, having motor problems will also instigate such error codes.

How To Fix:

So, firstly, you have to ensure the pressure switch is getting enough voltage power. Then, check if the fan is damaged. Replace the fan if it’s broken. You should also fix the flow pipe if it’s not functioning.

On another note, if the motor is faulty, you have to remove it and replace the motor with a new one. 

Error Code E7: Air Flow Pressure Short Circuit Protection 

The E7 code is almost similar to the E6 error code. In this case, you’re dealing with a short circuit problem. When the switch gets short-circuited, it loses its power to work.

So, the air can’t get ventilated properly and the water heater stops functioning.

How To Fix:

As soon as you see the E7 code popping on the screen, turn off the water heater. You should check the airflow pressure switch. Check if the switch has been short-circuited.

If it is short-circuited, you need to change the switch. Finally, the problem will be solved.

How To Solve The Error Codes On Camplux Residential Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Gas Water Heater?

Well, if you’re having error codes shown on your Camplux Residential Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Gas Water Heater, you should first follow a general guideline. Here’s what you need to do for the 26L water heater models. 

Step 1: First, turn off the hot water faucet. You can do it by switching it off on the remote control.

Step 2: Then, wait for at least 5 minutes. 

Step 3: Power up the water heater again.

Step 4: Next, turn on the hot water faucet. 

The error code should be gone. But in case the error code is still showing, you must shut off the hot water faucet and switch on the remote control. Note down the error code and call Camplux customer service to assist you.

However, you should know what each error code means and the solutions to the specific problems. Check out the table below for a complete understanding of Camplux Residential Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Gas Water Heater Error Codes.

Error CodeMeaning Solutions
E0The water outlet temperature sensor isn’t working.Tighten the connections of the water inlet temperature sensor. Replace the sensor if it’s faulty. 
E1The accidental flameout is out of work.Close the hot water faucet or shut down the water heater. Contact any technician for solving this issue. 
E2Fake flame failureDo the same as the solution for Error Code E1.
E3Faulty thermostatSecure the connection and replace the faulty thermostat.
E4The water outlet temperature can’t detect overheating issues.Inspect the connections of the water outlet temperature sensor and replace it if it’s defective.
E5Fan not working.Check the fan wiring connections. Change the fan with a new one if damaged.
E6Issues with the solenoid valve.Inspect the solenoid valve connections and replace the valve.
EETimeout isn’t working.The same as Error Code E1.
C0Ignition failure.
C1Residual flame failure.
C4Clogged vent Clean all the dirt and debris in the vent pipe. 
F2Cold water inlet temperature sensor failureThe same as Error Code E0.

How To Clear Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater Error Codes?

You need to follow the same general error code removal guideline in this case like the Camplux Residential Indoor/Outdoor Tankless Gas Water Heater. Simply, reset your water heater by turning on and off the hot water faucet at 5 minutes intervals.

If the water heater is still showing error codes, you must troubleshoot according to the error code problems. 

Well, the Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater has different meanings for each error code and we’ll discuss that in the following table.  

Well, the Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater has different meanings for each error code and we’ll discuss that in the following table.  

Error CodeMeaning ReasonsSolutions
E0The hot water sensor isn’t working. # A loose junction port.
# Short circuit issue. 
Contact Camplux Service professionals. 
E1Ignition system has failed. # Unopened or partially opened gas valve and water shut-off valve. 
# Junction port became flimsy.
# Open the gas and water shut-off valve completely.
# Call a technician.
E2Flame failure protection.The water heater failed to detect flame.# Inspect the tank if it’s out of gas.
# Look for damaged signs in the flame sensor.
E3The water heater is getting overheated.# Dry combustion.
# The heating controller is defective.
Call Camplux Service. 
E5Issues with the pressure switch.# Problematic motor. 
# Low-voltage power supply. 
Contact Camplux Service.
E7Trouble with the solenoid valve.# Open circuit of the solenoid valve.
# Short circuit issues.
# Tighten the connections of the solenoid valve.
# Change the valve if defective.
# Replace the PCB control board. 
E8Residual Fire ProblemsMalfunctioned solenoid or PCB controller. Call a technician to fix it. 

So, by solving each error code problem, you’ll be able to remove them from Camplux residential indoor tankless gas water heater’s screen.  


Does Frequent Error Code Mean Short Lifespan? 

No, frequent error code doesn’t mean your water heater has a short lifespan. It’s a warning that you need to take your water heater for maintenance. Each time you solve an error code, you’re rejuvenating your water heater.

Should You Contact Camplux If Error Codes Show Up On The Screen?

No, you should not always contact Camplux if error codes show up on the screen. It depends on the severity of the problem and your expertise. However, error codes related to fixing temperature sensors and gas valves will require professional help.

How Can You Have Less Error Code Problems For Camplux Water Heater?

By inspecting your Camplux water heater thoroughly once every month, you’ll have less error code problems. The main key here is to have regular maintenance for your water heater. It will keep your water heater healthy. 

Final Words:

Finally, we’ve reached the end of our article. Thank you for reading about the Camplux water heater error codes. Hopefully, you’ve found the solution to your error code problem.

In case you’re facing Camplux water heater leaking problems, check out our solution guide on Camplux Water Heater is Leaking.

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