Camplux Water Heater Troubleshooting [A Complete Guide]

Is your Camplux Tankless water heater malfunctioning frequently? Are you worried it’ll cost you a fortune to fix the water heater? Well, before you call a technician, you should check out this article to fix the issues yourself. 

So, how can you do Camplux water heater troubleshooting?

The first step to Camplux water heater troubleshooting is to check the power supply. Plug in the power cord and turn on your water heater if it’s not working. Make sure you’re using fresh batteries with the correct polarity. If there’s a temperature issue, inspect the control knob and change the settings. But in case there’s a leak, you must turn off the appliance and fix the internal components.

Well, this is just a general solution for different kinds of Camplux water heater problems. If you want to learn the solutions in detail for different types of Camplux water heaters, keep reading till the end.

Here’s what the inside of the Camplux water heater looks like. 

inside of camplux water heater

Camplux Water Heater Troubleshooting  [Easy Solutions]

Camplux has different kinds of water heaters like Portable Gas Water Heaters, Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters, RV Water Heaters, and Residential Indoor, and Outdoor Water Heaters. Depending on each model, the problems vary. 

So, we have put together a comprehensive guide for each of the model’s troubleshooting. You can just scroll down to find your Camplux model type and dive into the solutions.  

Troubleshooting Camplux Portable Tankless Gas Water Heater

First, we’ll start with the Camplux Portable Tankless Gas Water Heater problems. Here’s a snapshot of the different kinds of problems with reasons and solutions given below. 

Problems Possible ReasonsSolutions
Water heater not starting # Wrong position of the incoming and outgoing water. 
# Wrong battery position.
# Not enough water pressure.
# Debris or epoxy in the water inlet pipe. 
# Air contamination.
# Ensure the incoming water is on the right side of the water heater. 
# Insert fresh batteries in the correct position.
# Supply the standard water pressure.
# Clean the filter screen.
# Cycle the water heater. 
Water Heater starts but then shuts off# Low water pressure and gas.
# Bent ignition sensors.
# High or Low Thermocouple.
# Loose gas sensor wires.
# Defective heat sensor.
# Partially closed valve.
# Dead batteries or wrong polarity. 
# Ensure the correct amount of water and gas pressure.
# Straighten the ignition pins.
# Ensure the thermocouple flushes with the hold in the heat exchanger.
# Replace the faulty heat sensor.
# Use fresh batteries with the correct polarity.
Water heater starts but doesn’t work# Reversely set water inlet and outlet pipes.
# Insufficient propane supply.
# Dead or worn-out batteries.
# Fix the pipe orders.
# Supply an adequate amount of propane.
# Insert fresh batteries. 
Not enough hot water# Water heater is not within the standard operating height range.
# Cracked gas regulator.
# Keep the water heater below 2,000 feet. 
# Replace the gas regulator with a new one. 
Hot water not coming out# Messed up water inlet and outlet connections.
# Insufficient water pressure.
# Not enough gas.
# Misaligned battery polarities. 
# Connect the water inlet and outlet pipes to their designated slots.
# Ensure adequate water pressure.
# Tighten the LP regulator thread.
# Correct battery polarity (+/-).

Now, check out each of the causes and solutions in detail in the following segments.  

Problem 1: No Power

Sometimes you might notice the Camplux tankless water heater doesn’t start. There aren’t any audible clicks as well. It’s a power problem and it happens for a few reasons. 


Firstly, this kind of problem arises when the water’s incoming position is wrong. If you set up the water incoming line and outgoing line in a reverse position, the water heater won’t start. However, sometimes the batteries can be dead or in the wrong position which causes this problem.

Another reason your camplux water heater isn’t igniting is because there’s not substantial water pressure. As a standard, you need to supply at least 3.6 PSI/ 25 kPa water pressure

Not to mention a dirty filter screen can also halt your water heater’s actions. Debris or epoxy can block the inlet pipe. So, the Camplux water heater won’t start. Contaminated air also causes the same problem to your water heater. 

How To Fix:

So, to solve this problem, you have to follow the instructions strictly.

Step 1: First, check whether the water incoming pipe is set up on the right side of the water heater. Here’s what the order looks like for Camplux tankless water heater’s water inlet, outlet, and gas inlet positions.

camplux tankless water heater’s water inlet, outlet, and gas inlet positions

Step 2: If the water incoming and outgoing pipes are properly set, check the batteries. Make sure they are in the correct positions. If the problem still persists, change the old batteries and insert new ones. 

Step 3: Then, inspect the water pressure. If it’s municipal water, you don’t have to worry much in this case.

Step 4: After that, clean the filter screen with a small brush if there’s any debris or epoxy residue. Give your water heater system a backflushing as well by hooking the water source to the water outlet. 

Step 5: Finally, you need to let any contaminated air out derived from propane gas cylinders. Simply, turn on and off the output flow. Repeat the cycle 10 times. Finally, you’ll see the tankless water heater powering up.

However, if any of the steps don’t work, you must contact Camplux to check if there are any other issues with the water heater. 

Problem 2: Turns Off After Powers Up

Now, even if you got the Camplux tankless water heater to start, it turns off immediately. This kind of problem occurs when you have problems with your water inlets, gas, thermocouple, or ignition sensors. 


Now, let’s go through the reasons one by one. The first reason could be there’s not enough water or gas pressure in the water heater. 

For Camplux Portable Tankless Gas Water Heater,  there should be a water pressure of approx. 35-65 PSI/240-450 kPa for a 12/18/120-volt pump

The gas pressure can be low due to air contamination in the propane gas tank. Moreover, you’ll face this problem if one of the ignition sensor’s pins is bent. Having the ignition sensor close to the burner also causes the water heater to shut off after ignition.

Then again, if you set the thermocouple too high or too low, it won’t be able to complete the cycle. So, the water heater will shut off.  

In case, these are not the causes, then you should check if there are any loose connections in the heat sensor and gas sensor. If the wires are loose the water heater can’t receive signals to work.

Finally, a half-opened valve and dead batteries can be the sole reason the water heater is shutting off. 

How To Fix:

So, you need to diagnose the reasons first to fix your Camplux water heater shutting-off problem. Here’s what you have to do. 

Step 1: First, you must ensure the water pressure, gas pressure, and batteries are in the correct position. 

Ensure the water heater is getting at least 0.44 gallons of water per minute (1.5 liters). The gas pressure should be a minimum of about 3.6 PSI/25 kPa.

Inspect the battery polarities (+/-) and replace the batteries if they are not working. 

Step 2: If you notice the water heater is low or out of gas, cycle the water heater described in the “Problem 1: No Power”’ Solution section. You need to purge the contaminated air. 

Step 3: Make sure the heat sensor and ignition pins are at a 90-degree angle to the back of the box. If the pins are bent, straighten them with a set of pliers to a 45-degree angle.

Step 4: After that, flush the thermocouple with the hold in the heat exchanger.

Step 5:  If the problem still stays, check the gas sensor wire. You’ll find it on the gas regulator looking like a black ground wire. You have to ensure the gas sensor wires are tight and secured.

Step 6: Then, remove the front case of the tankless water heater. Run the appliance. If it works, this means you need to replace one of the sensors or wire harnesses. 

Step 7: Finally, open the valve on the propane tank fully so that the water heater can operate without any interruption.   

Problem 3: Water Heater Starts But Doesn’t Work

Well, in some cases the Camplux water heater stops doing anything even if the water heater is ON. Though it’s a different kind of problem, the cause is similar to the first two problems described above.  


Usually, it happens when the water inlet and outlet pipes get exchanged. Even so, a low amount of propane gas can halt the action of your tankless water heater. But the common case is worn-out batteries mostly. 

How To Fix:

You can solve this issue by going through the solution part described in the first two problems. Here the thing you should be aware of is following the instructions carefully so that you don’t mess up the connections.   

Problem 4: Not Enough Hot Water

Now, having a running water heater isn’t the end of the problem. Your Camplux water heater cannot produce enough hot water. Even if you set the temperature correctly, the water may not reach your preferred temperature. 


The reason why the Camplux water heater doesn’t get hot enough is operating the tankless water heater above 2,000 feet/600 meters. But according to Camplux, the water heater should operate below 2,000 feet. 

Again, if the gas regulator is broken or cracked, there will be a gas leak. As a result, the water heater will stop producing hot water for lack of sufficient gas.  

How To Fix:

So, first, the solution to this problem is to ensure the water heater is operating below 2,000 feet. Then, check if the gas regulator is damaged. Here’s how you can check it.

Inspect through the viewer’s panes and expect a blue flame. If you notice the flame is yellow in color, this means the gas regulator is cracked. So, you need to replace the gas regulator with a new one.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to replace a gas regulator.

Step 1: First, turn off your Camplux portable tankless water heater.

Step 2: Then, take a wrench and remove the cracked gas regulator. 

Step 3: Put the new gas regulator using a wrench again in the same place. Make sure you don’t over-tighten it. Otherwise, it will cause a gas leak. 

Step 4: Next, connect the gas regulator to the bottom of the water heater to the gas inlet.

Here’s an image of how to attach the gas hose to the Camplux tankless water heater’s gas inlet.

camplux tankless water heater’s gas inlet

Step 5: Finally, check other fittings and connectors if there is any gas smell. Turn on the appliance and you’re done!

This is how you can make your Camplux tankless water heater heat the water to your preferred temperature. 

Problem 5: No Hot Water Coming Out

In some cases, you’ll see water flowing in the water heater. But you won’t get hot water. This is a tricky problem but the solution is mostly like the previous solutions you read above.  


So, this type of problem arises when you mistakenly insert the water incoming pipe into the water outlet pipe and vice versa. Again, when the water pressure is lower than  3.6 PSI/25 kPa, hot water can’t flow.

Sometimes this happens when there’s not enough gas in the propane bottle. You might even have leakage issues. Moreover, having dead batteries or wrong polarities will cause no hot water problem.

How To Fix:

To solve this problem, you need to put the water incoming pipe in the right inlet. The shower head will go to the water outlet located in the middle bottom of your water heater.

Then, keep the water pressure at least within 3.6 PSI/25 kPa. Make sure there’s sufficient gas in the propane bottle. You must also check if the thread of the LP regulator isn’t loose.

Take a wrench and complete the thread. But don’t over-tighten it. If needed, insert fresh batteries for ignition spark but make sure the batteries are aligned in the proper polarity (+/-).

Here, you can check out the installation process of the Camplux tankless water heater.

Troubleshooting Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

Now, if you have a Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater, you should check out the following table. 

Problems Possible ReasonsSolutions
Water Not Heating # Power supply OFF.
# The indicator Light isn’t working.
# Crossover issue.
# Faulty heating element.
# Turn on the water heater.
# Push the reset button.
# Check the hot water flow.
# Change the heating element. 
Indicator Light Not On# Defective bulb.
# Underperforming reset button.
# Replace the bulb.
# Activate the reset button. 
Overheated Water# Wrong temperature setting.
# Defective thermostat.
# Set the temperature control knob to a lower setting.
# Change the thermostat with a new one. 
Not Enough Hot Water# The temperature control knob is on the low setting. # Set the temperature to a higher temperature. 
Water Leakage# Loose water and T&P fittings.
# Faulty heating element gasket.
# Tighten the water fittings.
# Change the gasket.

You’ll find a detailed version of the table above in the following segments.

Problem 1: Water Not Heating

The most common problem with the Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater is the water doesn’t heat properly. This issue arises in both cases whether your water heater is ON or OFF. 


If the power supply isn’t working, the water will not heat. In fact, the water heater won’t work at all. Then again, Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters illuminate lights to show it’s working. Not seeing the light means the water heater needs a reset.

But if you see the light illuminating, this means there could be a crossover of the cold and hot water. That’s why you don’t get any hot water from the faucet. 

Other than a crossover, a defective heating element can also be the cause. You should fix it immediately. 

How To Fix:

As there are multiple reasons behind the water heater not heating, you should first check if you have turned on the power supply.

Now, if the light isn’t illuminating, you must reset your camplux water heater by pushing the Camplux water heater reset button.

But if the indicator light is working, you have to check whether there is a plumbing crossover. Here’s how to do it.

First, turn off the cold water supply to the Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. Then, turn on the hot water faucet. If you see water flowing, this means there’s a cross over and the temperature will be affected.

So, you need to call a plumbing professional and correct the crossover immediately.

Again, you must check the heating element to detect any damages. If it’s broken or damaged, here’s how you can replace it.

Step 1:  First, you have to disconnect the water heater power cord. Similarly, unplug the drain as well.

Step 2: Then, mark all the wire connections, disconnect the plugs, and remove the damaged heating element.

Step 3: Next, you have to carefully place the new heating element inside the water heater. 

Step 4: Insert a gasket correctly with the new heating element as well.

Step 5: Then, tighten all the nuts and make sure to connect all wires in the correct positions. 

After replacing the new heating element, turn on the water heater and you’ll see the water is heating. 

Problem 2: Indicator Light Off

So, as I’ve discussed above, the indicator light-off situation is a separate problem. This light helps you to understand whether the water heater is working or not. 


This problem happens for 2 reasons mainly. First, it could be that the bulb is defective. That’s why it’s not illuminating. It has nothing to do with the functionality of the water heater.

Secondly, the water heater’s reset button isn’t working. So, the indicator light is not on.  

How To Fix:

If you see the bulb is faulty, you must replace the bulb. Carefully open the water heater’s cover by screwing it out with a screwdriver. Then, carefully disconnect the wires attached to the bulb. Change the bulb accordingly. Then, disassemble the water heater again.

However, if you need to reset the water heater, you have to push the high-limit reset button near the heating element. Scroll back to the previous problem’s  (“Water Not Heating”) solution segment to learn about the reset process. 

Problem 3: Overheated Water

Having excessive hot water is another problem that you can face in your Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. If you don’t control the temperature immediately, the water can burn your skin.   


There are mainly 2 reasons responsible for overheating issues in the Camplux Electric Mini Tank Water Heater. It’s possible that you have set the temperature control knob to the highest level. If this is not the case, you have a faulty thermostat in your water heater.

However, there can be other closely related overheating issues which you can find in our comprehensive guide on why my camplux water heater is too hot

How To Fix:

To solve this issue, you need to check the temperature setting first. Turn the temperature knob counterclockwise. It should reduce the temperature within 60 minutes.

If the water is still excessively hot, you must inspect the thermostat. Follow the instructions below to replace a faulty thermostat.

Step 1: First, you have to disconnect the Camplux water heater’s power cord from the outlet.

Step 2: Then, drain water from the water heater. 

Step 3: After that, take your water heater out of its place and place it on a flat surface. Make sure the surface is dry.

Step 4: Next, you have to unscrew six screws from the bottom of the water. Slowly, remove the panel.

Step 5: In the next step, you need to unscrew two screws near the thermostat and remove the thermostat knob. In case it’s hard to remove, you should pry the thermostat knob. Then, take out the front panel of the water heater.

Step 6: Then, detach the push-pull wire connectors. You must mark the wires before doing it.

Step 7: After that, take out the thermostat probe from the well.

Step 8: Now, you have to install the new thermostat by attaching the wires to the original (marked) places. Make sure to tighten the screws.

Step 9: Then, you have to screw back the water heater panel.

Step 10: Finally, you have to turn on the water heater and let the new thermostat do its work.

This is how your water heater will go back to producing hot water to your preferred temperature.   

Problem 4: Not Enough Hot Water

Now, the opposite can happen as well. You may not get as hot water as you’re expecting. This is also an issue related to the thermostat. 


When you don’t set the thermostat control knob to the correct temperature, it will give a wrong output. This means if you keep the temperature control knob in a counterclockwise direction, it will be at the lower temperature setting. 

Sometimes a faulty thermostat can also be the reason for producing not enough hot water. 

How To Fix:

In this case, you need to turn the temperature control knob in the clockwise direction. The water temperature will start rising. You can wait for an hour for the water heater to finally reach your designated water temperature. 

If the water heater’s thermostat is broken, you should replace it. You can check out the solution part of the previously described problem “Overheated Water” to install a new thermostat. 

Problem 5: Water Leakage

Again, you may face water leaking issues with Camplux tankless water heaters. This is a serious problem as you may get injured from the hot water. It can also cause slippage or flooding problems near your water heater. 


Mostly this kind of situation arises when the water fittings or T&P fittings become loose. Water also starts leaking through the heating element gasket if it’s damaged. 

There are other reasons like poor installation process, high water pressure, or malfunctioning components responsible for water leakage. You’ll get to learn about these issues in detail from our solution guide on how to fix camplux water heater leaking problems.

How To Fix:

Now, there is a common solution to this problem. For this, you have to follow the instructions below.  

Step 1: First, turn off the water heater and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2: Then, look for any signs of damage on the water fittings. If they are loose, take a wrench and tighten those fittings. The same goes for the T&P fitting at the top of the tank. 

You should open the pressure safety valves fully to stop the leak. Here’s an image of water leaking from the pressure safety valve.

water leaking from the pressure safety valve of camplux water heater

Step 3: Next, you have to check the heating element gasket. Simply, remove the cover and inspect the heating element area. If the gasket is loose, tighten it. But if it’s defective, change it. 

After fixing these issues, your water heater should not be leaking anymore.

Troubleshooting Camplux RV Water Heater

Camplux RV Water Heaters can also have multiple problems. You can troubleshoot in the following ways. 

Problems Possible ReasonsSolutions
Hot Water not Coming Out of the Tap# Interrupted gas supply.
# Empty gas tank.
# The appliance is OFF.
# No water supply.
# No power supply.
# Internal malfunctions. 
# Check the gas supply and turn it ON.
# Fill the gas tank.
# Switch on the appliance.
# Turn on the water supply.
# Fix the internal components. 
Long Time to Reach Temperature# Cold water and hot water mix up. # Fewer oxygen levels.
# Low incoming water temperature.
# Inspect the valves and open them fully.
# Contact a professional at Camplux.
# Adjust the water control valve.
Inadequate Hot Water Temperature# Low gas flow. 
# High amount of excessive hot water flow.
# Excessive limescale in the water heater.
# Cold water and hot water mix together. 
# Increase gas supply in accordance with RV documentation.
# Reduce the flow of water or increase the cold-water ratio. 
# Decalcify the water heater.
# Keep all the valves fully opened.  
Water Leaking from Pressure Safety Valve# High water pressure. 
# The pressure relief valve has lime or dirt at the bottom. 
# Adjust the water pressure.
# Flush the water system. 
# Change the pressure relief valve. 
Water Leaking from the Water Inlet Filter# Dirty O-ring seats.# Clean the O-rings and nearby sealings properly. 
Water Heater Stops Working Frequently# Overheating Camplux water heater.
# Periodically discharge from the pressure relief valve. 
Call Camplux service professionals to fix it. 
Power Status LED OFF# No power supply to the water heater.
# The fuse is blown.
# Replace the fuse.
# Call the Camplux Service Professionals. 

Get the full detailed explanation described in the upcoming segments.

Problem 1: Hot Water Not Coming Out Of The Tap

In RV Camplux Water Heaters, hot water doesn’t always flow as expected. Though it’s not a frequent issue, it’s one of the major problems. If you notice there’s no hot water coming out of the tap, you must inspect the reasons first. 


There are a few reasons responsible for no hot water flow. First of all, it can happen if there’s not enough gas supply. It could be the gas supply is OFF or interrupted. Sometimes, the gas tank can be empty for which the water heater can’t function.

Again, it could be the output of silly reasons like the water heater, the water supply, or the power supply being OFF. Any internal component damage can also affect the functionality of your water heater. 

How To Fix:

To ensure there is hot water flowing from the tap, you must check out all of the following points.

  • First, make sure the appliance has enough power supply and the water heater is turned on. 
  • Then, check the gas tank and gas supply. Refill the tank with gas if it’s empty. Fix any gas leak issues and allow proper gas flow. 
  • Next, it’s time to inspect the water supply. Open the valves fully so that water can flow inside the water heater. Make sure there’s adequate water pressure.
  • Finally, fix any internal malfunctions if there are any error codes showing on your Camplux water heater.

Problem 2: Long Time To Reach Temperature

Well, sometimes Camplux RV water heaters can take a long time to reach the desired temperature. Normally, the water gets hot almost immediately after you turn on the water heater and set the temperature. 

But if it takes longer than 15 minutes, you should check if there are any internal problems. 


First of all, if the cold and hot water mix together in the water heater, the water won’t get hot soon. The cold water will neutralize the temperature. So, it will take hours to heat up the water to the desired temperature.

Again, when the oxygen level is lower than usual in the water, this type of problem will arise. It’s not actually a big issue. But you can contact Camplux Service Professionals to fix this problem for you.

Finally, if the incoming water temperature is exceptionally cold, it will impact the hot water. This happens mainly when the water flow control valve is not correctly set.

How To Fix:

Let’s start solving the hot and cold water mixup issue first. All you have to do is check all the valves. If any of the valves are closed or partially closed, the water will flow to the other side. 

So, you must open all the valves situated inside and outside of the water heater. Make sure the shower head valve is fully opened as well. 

Now, in case the incoming temperature is low, you should adjust the water control valve. It’s on the right side of the water heater. You’ll find it at the max flow settings coming default from the factory.

So, if you want to increase the water flow, rotate the control knob counterclockwise. Keep rotating it until you reach the end of the knob.  

However, you should make sure the cold water inlet conditions are less than 41°F (5°C).  And the high water inlet pressure should be more than 65 PSI. 

Problem 3: Inadequate Hot Water Temperature

Well, the hot water temperature can also be lower than the required temperature. It’s a serious problem and it happens for multiple reasons.  


The first reason behind this problem is the low amount of gas flow. Usually, the gas inlet pressure should be within 11in. WC. Anything lower than that results in low temperature.

Again, when the hot water flow is excessively high, you’ll face this problem. Similarly, the cold water’s low-temperature level can also be the culprit.

Limescale buildup is another reason you should check out. Moreover, you should check if the cold and hot water is mixing.

How To Fix:

So, to fix the water temperature, you must provide the required amount of gas flow. As the gas supply is connected to your RV, you should also check the necessary vehicle documentation for this. Take the help of a service professional to install the gas supply in your RV.

But if you notice the hot water volume is high, you have to shut off the hot water tap or the shower. You can also add more cold water to diffuse the situation. 

In case you know a good technician, you can retrofit a volume flow throttle into the water system. This will help to increase the water temperature. 

Then again, decalcifying your water heater will remove the limescale from the water heater appliance. As a result, the temperature issue will be fixed. 

Finally, if there’s a cold and hot water mixup issue, you must ensure all the valves are completely opened.  

Problem 4: Water Leaking From Pressure Safety Valve

The pressure safety valve should be tightly secured in a water heater. Otherwise, water can leak from the side of the pressure safety valve.


Mostly, it happens when the water pressure is excessively higher than the required amount. The high water flow inside the system then leaks through the pressure safety valve.

Again, when there is dirt or limescale buildup, the pressure safety valve can’t function properly. Due to blockage, the water starts dripping.   

How To Fix:

Well, in this case, you must ensure the water pump pressure is a maximum of 65 PSI. You should install a water pressure regulator to measure the water pressure. 

If you see the main water supply has a pressure of more than 65 PSI, you have to install a water pressure reducer. It will adjust the water pressure according to the water heater. 

Now, in case there’s dirt in the pressure relief valve, perform a water flush. Make sure the appliance is fully cool when you flush the water heater. This will clean the system thoroughly. Then, you should replace the dirty pressure relief valve with a fresh one. 

Note: Don’t replace the pressure relief valve. Only certified professionals are allowed to do it. 

Problem 5: Water Leaking From The Water Inlet Filter

Apart from water leaking near the pressure relief valve, it can also happen from the water inlet filter. Water leakage is a dangerous issue mostly when it’s hot. So, it should be fixed immediately. 


Leakage from the water inlet filter is the result of lime under O-ring seats. Dirt or debris can also contaminate the area and allow water to drip through the sides of the inlet filter.  

How To Fix:

If you notice dirt or lime under the O-rings seats, you must clean it immediately. You can use a small toothbrush in this case to clean the O-rings and nearby surface area. 

Problem 6: Water Heater Stops Working Frequently

Now, you may sometimes notice that the water heater suddenly stops functioning. Moreover, if you check the drainage tray, you’ll find water there. 


This type of situation arises when the water heater’s system has overheated. Moreover, the pressure relief valve also discharges periodically. 

How To Fix:

Now, you need to contact the Camplux Service Professionals to solve this issue. Only a certified technician can change the pressure relief valve.

However, you can check out some remedies from “Camplux Water Heater Overheating Issues” which is linked above in the “overheated water” section of “troubleshooting Camplux electric mini tank water heater“.

Problem 7: Power Status LED OFF

The power status LED should be ON as soon as you select the operating mode in your water heater. But sometimes you can see otherwise. The power status LED stays OFF. So, it becomes unclear whether the water heater is working or not.  


There are 2 reasons responsible for the power status LED shut off. Either there isn’t any power supply or the LED is fused.  

Usually, it happens when there is more than 10A electricity flowing through the water heater. The over-current protection short circuit goes on and the LED gets fused. 

How To Fix:

So, first, you need to check if the power supply is ON. If it’s not, go and switch on the power supply. 

Now, in case the fuse is blown, you must replace the fuse. A standard 125V/10A fuse is perfect for the Camplux RV water heater. 

You must take the help of a technician or Camplux service to troubleshoot this issue. 

Error Codes Troubleshooting In Camplux RV Water Heater 

Speaking of more troubleshooting tips, the Camplux RV water heater shows error codes on the small screen. Each of the error codes denotes different kinds of internal problems with the water heater. They act as a warning to fix the issues before the water heater gets entirely damaged. 

Here are the error code meanings and troubleshooting tips for Camplux RV Water Heater in the summary below. 

Error Code MeaningSolution
E0 – The water outlet temperature sensor failed.# Tighten any loose water outlet temperature sensor wire connections. 
# Change the sensor if it’s completely damaged. 
E1 – The flame sensor isn’t working.# Ensure adequate gas supply and fuel.
# Replace any faulty regulator and PCB control board.
E2 – Water heater producing a fake flame signal.Replace the defective PCB main control board.
E3 – Thermostator system failure.# Keep the cold water flow between 10-20 seconds and then restart the water heater.
# Replace the thermostat if broken. 
E4 –  Faulty water inlet temperature sensor.# Check for any loose water outlet connections. 
# Remove the outlet temperature sensor and install a new one. 
E5 – Air pressure fault.# Clean any exhaust-blocking dirt.
# Keep the exhaust away from the high winds.
# Fix or replace the broken air switch or fan. 
E6 – Temperature rise in the water heater system.# Reduce the amount of cold water ratio in the system. 
# Purge any air in the water lines.
# Clean the water filter.
# Keep the faucets flowing at a minimum of 0.32 gpm. 
# Change the main PCB control board.
E7 – Faulty solenoid valve# Secure the solenoid valve connections.
# Change the valve if faulty. 

This is just a gist of the error code troubleshooting. To get a detailed solution guide you can check out our ultimate guide on camplux water heater error code troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater

Well, if you use Camplux  Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater, you should keep in check the following problems. 

Problems Possible ReasonsSolutions
No Hot Water# Partially opened water shut-off valve and hot water faucet.
# Frozen water piping.
# No power supply to the appliance.
# The water heater is OFF.
# Low water temperature setting.
# Valve malfunction. 
# Make sure the shut-off valve and the hot water valve are fully opened.
# Thaw the piping.
# Ensure proper power and water supply. Turn on the appliance.
# Adjust the temperature control knob and increase the water temperature.
# Replace any faulty or broken valves. 
Not Hot Enough Water Temperature# Low-temperature setting in the control knob.
# Partially opened gas valve. 
# Turn the temperature control knob and increase the temperature.
# Inspect the gas valve and open it fully.
Excessive Hot Water# Extremely high-temperature setting.
# Half-opened water shut-off valve.
# Water partially heated in the system.
# Blocked water filter.
# Change the temperature control knob settings.
# Open the water shut-off valve entirely.
# Increase water flow.
# Clean the clogged water filter. 
The Fan Rotates Continuously After The Hot Water Faucet ClosedThere’s unburned gas inside the system for 10-15 seconds.# Fix the flow pipe so that the switch can automatically open.
# Replace the fan if the fan is defective. 

Here’s a comprehensive guideline on how to solve these problems given in the following segments.

Problem 1: No Hot Water

Like the Electric and RV Camplux Water heater models, the residential Camplux water heater also faces no hot water issues. Either the hot water doesn’t come out of the faucet or the water isn’t hot enough. 


This kind of problem is the outcome of multiple reasons. These are half-opened water shut-off valves and hot water faucets. As a result, the water flow becomes inadequate for the water heater.  

Again, if the water piping gets frozen, you’ll face this situation. 

Having no power supply is another cause which should be fixed. Moreover, you should count in wrong temperature setting and mixing valve malfunction as the culprits.  

How To Fix:

So, here are the fixes you need to try out to solve this issue.

Step 1: First, check all shut-off valves and hot water faucets. Make them completely open so that water can flow properly.  

Step 2: Then, if it’s cold outside, check if the pipelines also got frozen. In this case, you need to allow the piping to thaw.

Step 3: After that, inspect the electricity and power supply. Make sure the water supply is at the appropriate level as well.

Step 4: In case the water heater unit is OFF, you can turn it on using the remote supplied.

Step 5: Finally, you have to set the temperature control knob at your desired temperature setting. Also, fix or replace any malfunctioning components.  

Problem 2: Not Hot Enough Water Temperature

Well, after solving the no hot water issue, you can also fall into a temperature issue problem. This time hot water will flow. But it’s not as hot as you have expected it to be. 


It all boils down to setting the wrong temperature in your water heater. When you rotate the water heater control knob counterclockwise, it sets the temperature at a lower setting. So, the water doesn’t get hot enough.

Again, if you don’t open the full gas valve, the water heater can’t function properly. So, the temperature can’t reach its desired point. 

How To Fix:

To solve this, you have to turn the temperature control knob clockwise. It will increase the temperature of the water heater.

Moreover, you should open the gas valves so that the gas supply is adequate. With the help of a sufficient gas supply, the water heater will be able to heat the water properly. 

Problem 3: Excessive Hot Water


Firstly, the wrong water temperature setting is responsible for this problem. The shut-off valve is also closed or it’s partially closed. Moreover, it can be that the water heater has a small amount of water only. 

Finally, it happens when the water filter is clogged with dirt and debris as well.  

How To Fix:

To solve this problem, you need to turn the water temperature control knob to the lowest setting. Keep the shut-off valves open and make sure the water heats up all the water evenly.

Moreover, cleaning the water filter with a toothbrush solves the issue wonderfully.

Here’s an image of how to clean the water screen filter in the Camplux Water Heater.

cleaning of the water screen filter in the camplux water heater

Problem 4: Fan Rotates Continuously After Hot Water Faucet Closed

Now, this is an odd ball. You may notice that the fan inside the water heater is continuously rotating without any break. And it happens after you close the hot water faucet. 


The fan keeps rotating because there is unburned gas inside for 10-15 seconds. It disrupts the airflow pressure. Sometimes the fan can be defective and cause it to rotate tirelessly. 

How To Fix:

Whatever the cause is, it’s pretty simple to solve. You need to replace the broken or faulty fan first. Make sure to purge all un-burned air build-up inside by opening the flow pipes. 

Error Code Troubleshooting For Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater

Well, the Camplux Residential Indoor Tankless Gas Water Heater also shows error codes on the screen for troubleshooting purposes. Skim the following table to learn what to do when the error codes show up.

Error Code MeaningSolution
E0 – No power supply. You need to ensure adequate electricity and restart the appliance.
E1 – Residential fire protection.Check and fix any flame after connecting the power supply. 
E2 – The gas valve is blockedOpen the gas valve fully.
E3 – There’s no ignition pulse.Inspect and fix any gas line problems.
E4 – The temperature sensor isn’t working.Replace the temperature sensor if it’s damaged. 
E5 – Water temperature is too high.Turn on the high-limit reset switch.
E6 – Air flow pressure switch protection.Check the fan if it’s broken. Fix the flow pipe so that the switch can open automatically. 
E7 – Short circuit when the water heater starts functioning.Replace the air flow pressure switch.

You’ll find the explanation for each error code in a detailed manner in our “Camplux water heater error codes troubleshooting guide” which is linked above in the “Error Codes Troubleshooting In Camplux RV Water Heater” chapter.


How often does Camplux Water Heater need maintenance?

Camplux water heater needs once or twice maintenance in a year. This can help the water heater to last up to 5 years. 

Can you reset Camplux Water Heater?

Yes, you can reset the Camplux water heater. You need to push the high-limit reset button in Camplux electric mini tank water heater to reset it. However, generally, you can just turn off the water heater, wait for a few seconds, and start it again. This will reset the water heater. 

How do you adjust the temperature on a Camplux?

You need to dial up or down the temperature control knob to adjust the temperature on a Camplux. To increase the temperature, you have to rotate it counterclockwise and vice versa to decrease the temperature. 

What is the water pressure for Camplux water heater?

The minimum water pressure for the Camplux water heater is 2.5 PSI. But for the portable tankless gas water heater models, you must ensure a water pressure of 3.6 PSI.

What is the minimum gas pressure for Camplux water heater?

The minimum gas pressure for Camplux water heater is 11”w.c. (2.74kPa). However, for a residential Camplux tankless water heater, you have to keep the gas pressure within 9.8″ w.c (2.45Kpa) to 12.4″ w.c (3.10Kpa). 

Final Words:

That’s all about Camplux water heater troubleshooting. Most probably, you’ve got an idea on how to solve any problems regarding different Camplux water heater problems. So, to sum up, if your water heater isn’t working, you must check the power supply first before everything else. 

But if the problem is related to gas leakage, you have to cut the power supply and turn off the water heater immediately. 

Finally, if you don’t want to run into water heater problems, you must ensure proper maintenance of your water heater at least once a year.

Have a great day!

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